Chocolate 3D Printer – Choc Creator V1


Choc Creator V1A team of engineers from the university of Exeter have turned 3D printing into a tasty affair with molten chocolate flowing from the print head. Hao’s team have developed a machine capable of utilising this awkward medium, the printer manages to accurately control the velocity and the temperature of the chocolate. The layers can be built-up intricately, starting at just 0.05 mm thick.

The Choc Creator V1 can be purchased through the Choc Edge web site and is priced at £2,888. Hao is hoping to supply retail outlets in the future so that everybody will be able to enjoy personalised designs.

This Choc Edge Creator V1 has been featured on Stephen Fry’s ‘The Gadget Man’ TV programme, Stephen used the machine at a dinner party to create chocolate portraits of his guests.

Below is a video of the machine printing a tasty Christmas tree:

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