Microsoft Xbox One Release Date, Price, New Features






The new console from Microsoft is more than just a gaming box, it can also be used as an intermediary for you satellite or cable TV, the HDMI pass-through will allow you to use the Xbox One’s inbuilt TV guide, you will also be able to tune / change channels with your voice. There will be a web browser, Skype and many other apps.

The shiny new design looks a bit like an old DVD player, it will only work in the horizontal orientation as shown in the photos. Hardware wise the Xbox One will be powered by a custom 40-nanometer chip developed by both Microsoft and AMD, this beast features an 8-Core CPU and a GPU. It has 8GB of RAM, a 500GB hard drive, built-in WiFi and USB 3.0 ports.

The new box will sadly not support your Xbox 360 games, Microsoft said this is due to the 64-bit architecture in the new Xbox One. Microsoft is planning to keep selling the Xbox 360.

Installation will be pretty simple, you stick a disc into the Xbox One, it will then install the game on the internal hard drive, and that’s it, you won’t need to use the disc again. Microsoft have said that the Xbox One will require an internet connection, you will be able to play offline, but you will need to connect to the internet and refresh often, reports are suggesting it may even be once a day.

Microsoft has confirmed that the new Xbox One will be region locked, just like the 360. Similar to movies and music, games must meet country specific rules and regulations.

Xbox One Release Date

The exact date of the release has not been given as yet, Autumn 2013 has been suggested as a rough guide.

Xbox One Price

The current consensus on pricing is in the $400-$500 range, and maybe as low as $300 with an Xbox Live Subscription.

If you’re in the UK, the launch price is likely to be around £400, and around £200 if bought with a two year Xbox Live Subscription.


Each Xbox One will come with a new Kinect sensor, both the microphone and camera have had major upgrades, voice controls are now going to work perfectly (we hope), even when the box is switched off, it will be listening. You can give instructions such as ‘Go to Skype’.

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