iPad Mini Release Date

| October 18, 2012 |

It’s not known if the iPad Mini is real or just rumour spin offs from the iPhone 5 release. Many people were expecting the iPad mini to launch at the same event.

The latest news on the iPad Mini release date points toward a November 2nd public launch. The popular site 9to5Mac recently tweeted that they heard on the grape vine that the device will launch on the first Friday of November.

If true, we have heard a great number of people are looking forward to a cut down version of the massively popular iPad. The current speculation, obtained from supposed photos of the casing suggest that the iPad mini will be 7.85-inches.

iPad Mini Launch Event

Press invites were sent out on Tuesday for an event on Oct 23rd, although Apple have not confirmed what is launching, many leaks are leaning toward a Mini iPad. Their invitation simply says ‘We.ve got a little more to show you’.

iPad Mini Price

Obviously its mere speculation at the moment, the pricing rumours are putting the iPad Mini between $249 (£154) and $350 (£216). If the true price is in this range; we can see the Mini selling out in hours of the doors opening.

Would you purchase the iPad Mini, do you think the 7-inch version is a better size for a slate? No doubt it’s the better options for frequent travellers.