Bug-A-Salt, Eliminate Pesky Flies with this Pump-Action Beast


Bug-A-Salt GunWe’re now in the thick of summer, together with a load of buzz flies and mosquitos. If you’re finding them annoying, you should take a look at this new piece of tactical weaponry.

It’s named the Bug-A-salt, and has been developed by a Santa Monica artist named Lorenzo Maggiore (great name). This gun fires a pinch of salt at the bug of your choice, its affective up to around three feet.

There are no batteries required, you just pump-n-shoot, the gun features a pump action type cocking system and uses compressed air to fire the salty ammo.

Loading is very simple, there’s a cap on the top of the gun, you simply pop this open and empty you salt pot in there, it holds around 50 shots.

I think I could handle little deposits of salt around the place, I hate all those stinky fly sprays, it feels like that stuff is killing me along with the bugs. I guess it could get a little messy with the amount of files hanging around in my home.

Lorenzo has this gun finalised, he has now turned to the crowd funding site Indiegogo, in order to obtain some cash to cover the initial manufacturing and shipping costs.

If you fancy waging war on the little suckers, head over to Indiegogo, they are available for pre-order at $30 a pop.

There is no delivery date set at the moment. It does look as if it’s a definite goer, as he has already surpassed his initial goal of $15,000 by quite a bit, he currently has $250,695 in the kitty, and that’s with 35 days to go.

Just remember this is not to be used on poor unsuspecting kitties or any other pets you may be sharing your home with.

Check out Lorenzo’s killer video:Bug-A-Salt, how it works

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