iPhone 5 Release Date Edging Closer, Possible Photos Leak


Front View, iPhone 5 ReleaseAs the release date of the much anticipated iPhone 5 draws ever closer, so do the rumours and photos. Every day there are vast amounts of speculation published, we felt compelled to add to media mayhem.

These photos offer a possible glimpse of what we might expect from Apple’s new smartphone. They uphold some of the main rumours, including the change to a smaller 19-pin connector on the bottom of the device, Apple have apparently done this to make room for a headphone jack.

This smaller connector would also allow for larger speaker grills, it would however put all the current docks and accessories out of action, surly Apple would need to also release a connector adapter.

We have also read some speculative reports regarding this new connector, they state that Apple may be changing the size not only for the aesthetics, but also in order to create an ‘authorized accessory’ program, which would lock out unlicensed docks and other accessories.

These photos come from the Chinese blog iLab Factory, they believe these are real photos of the new iPhone. We have been keeping an eye on all possible release date rumours, it looks like the iPhone 5 could be announced as early as August 7, however the general consensus is swaying toward a September announcement and the general release as sometime in October 2012.

These photos, if correct, show only small changes from the current iPhone 4S, the front looks pretty similar, the back and sides look like they are finished in aluminium, with a black strip at the top and the bottom of the back.

Hopefully Apple have put some effort into making their new offering more robust, the iPhone 4S just seems to scratch and crack with the slightest of accidents.Back Camera, iPhone 5 Release

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