Pocket Power – Sony Cyber-Shot RX100


Sony Cyber-shot RX100, Front ViewSony have some great compact cameras on the market, one of which is edging towards the high-end bracket; the HX20V has a powerful zoom and packs quite a punch.

Now Sony has come up with the high-end RX100, it features a 1-inch sensor; around four times the size of most compact cameras. This large sensor enables the RX100 to capture images with a resolution of 20.2 megapixels.

Having a large sensor often means better image quality, as it’s able to capture more detail, there is also the advantage of less image noise, however, this usually results in bigger camera housing and lenses.

Sony have managed to keep the RX100 truly pocket sized, they have opted for a two section barrel lens at 3.6x optical zoom (28-100mm equivalent), which folds back into the body when not in use. They have packed some excellent features into the small space including the f/1.8-4.9 aperture which is nice and bright, especially at the wide end.

There is one feature I thought they would have used; their ND (Natural Density) filter, it would have complemented the bright lens. The maximum shutter speed of 1/2000th of a second is fast, however a filter would have been a good idea.

This little beast is fitted with a wonderful 3-inch LCD on the back, with a resolution of 640×480 (VGA), this screen preforms well in bright sunlight. It would have been nice to see a viewfinder for more serious shots, I’m sure this will put a few people off.

I think this new RX100 from Sony is a winner, perfect for the DSLR users who want a pocket sized camera with a bit of power. I would definitely recommend this model, especially at $648 (£550). It is a fair bit cheaper than the other high-end compacts around at the moment.Sony Cyber-shot RX100, Back View

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