Solar Power Generator


Solar Power GeneratorThis handy little generator is powered by the sun and draws it’s power from two or more solar panels. The unit delivers silent back-up electricity for home appliances with zero-emissions.

The solar generator houses a 1250-watt battery, the unit can be fully charged within 20 hours, using direct sunlight. That’s with the two included panels, you can buy the panels separately, and plug-in up to eight at once, which would offer a much quicker charge time and a constant power supply for smaller appliances.

When fully charged the generator will run a television for up to 35 hours, a laptop for up to 30 hours or a refrigerator for around four days.

The solar panels are connected to the generator via eight foot cords, this means you can have the unit in your home while the solar panels are outside, collecting energy from the Sun.

This generator is also great to take on vacation, including camping trips, it can be used to charge gadgets like smartphones and tablets as well as cooking equipment, lights, and portable fridges.

The unit includes an LCD display which shows the input and output electricity in watts, it also depicts the battery, enabling you to see how much juice is in the tank.

There are multiple outlets on the front of the device, including a lighter socket, three USB ports and three standard AC plug sockets.

This generator can also be charged using mains AC power if needed, it will take around 16 hours.

If you’re interested in some eco-power storage, head over to Hammacher, the unit will set you back $2000, and extra solar panels are priced at $239.95.
Solar Power Generator

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