Star Wars Keyboard Features LCD Touch-Screen Display


Star Wars KeyboardThis new keyboard is perfect for a spot of Star Wars: The Old Republic, or any other MMO’s you’re into. This sparkly futuristic looking keyboard houses some awesome features, including a full-colour touchpad LCD screen.

The screen can be used for a multitude of tasks; it can be used for direct in-game gesture input. You can set it to display interactive game information, play YouTube videos, or even your instant messenger chats.

Above the LCD is a set of ten customizable interactive keys, these give you many options for fast in-game accessibility.

The keyboard features slim keys, which means they have a shorter distance to travel, it also allows anti-ghosting of up to 10 key presses, meaning you have a great advantage because you can execute multiple commands at the same time. This is sure to make you the fastest Jedi or Sith Master in town.

This puppy is only available for PC at the moment, via USB and compatible with Window XP onwards. Hopefully the will get a Mac version out soon as there has been a great deal of interest.

If you fancy getting your hands on the Star Wars Keyboard, scoot over to ThinkGeek, it’s certainly not the cheapest keyboard around, priced at $259.99, but who can put a price on all that power.

Star Wars Keyboard with LCD Screen

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