Case of Bass – Portable Retro Suitcase Party Machines


Case of BassEzra and Alex Cimino-Hurt are two brothers from Portland, they are on a mission to transform vintage suitcases and classic speakers into unique and stylish Boomboxes.

Each case can be tailored to your specific needs, including the amplifier size, input types, powers supplies and batteries. If you’re feeling creative, you also have the option of extra personal detailing.

The vintage suitcases are sourced from around the world, making for a great variety of shapes and colours; I personally like all of the models I’ve seen.

The Case of Base online store has a great mixture of size and colour; the cases have been sorted into four classes, dependant on size and speaker capacity.

The Diplomat Class has to be my favourite, there is a great case named Roscoe, it looks a bit like a cassette tape, and features two 10” woofers, topped with two tweeters and a horn in the centre. This case offers a 200W amp, all-in-all, it sounds like a beast.

The beauty with these vintage boomboxes is the up-cycling; where pre-used cases and audio equipment are given a new lease of life.

Power wise, they use modern lightweight Li-ion batteries, ensuring you get the most out of these funky sound systems, and its not really practical to use old batteries

They have given a percentage rating of mass by up-cycled materials for each suitcase; this number ranges from around 60% up to 98%. It’s a refreshing change to see an electronics company working on, and improving environmentally friendly products.

The speakers are open to the elements; this means they could get damaged fairly easily, depending on your listening environment. If you plan on taking them along to a rocking party, you might want to ask the designers to add some protective grills.
Case of Bass
These spunky little powerhouses weigh between 4.5 and 9KG, and are available direct from Case of Base, they are priced from $275.

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