Professional Beer Microbrewing Machine


Brew Beer Like the ProfessionalsIf like me, you have dabbled in home brewing, you will know it takes time to master the art. There are many aspects, when it comes to making the perfect beer or larger. I myself have produced white wine a few times; the first attempt was a total disaster. After a few more tries, I finally produced a drinkable wine.

This Micro-brewing system is in a different league altogether, it’s all made with stainless steel, and comes with advanced monitoring features.

This brewer comes with a  touchscreen computer, which looks after the whole brewing process. You simply enter the recipe for the type of beer you’re after; from a full-bodied stout to a refreshing lager.

The system is known as a Heat Exchange Recycling Mash (HERM) system. The kit comes with a fifteen gallon hot tank with a built-in heat exchange, this raises the liquor to the perfect brewing temperature.

The liquor is then automatically circulated to another fifteen gallon mash/lauter tun, this is used to extract the sugar from the ground grain / mash.

After this process, the liquid is then pumped into a twenty gallon boil kettle, here it’s converted into the final wort. Once the wort has finished boiling, it gets pumped into another freestanding fermentation tank, and cooled along the way.

The machine will then signal when it’s time to add the yeast. There is a considerable price to pay for all this brewing genius, $45,000 to be exact, you can pick one up at Hammacher.Brew Beer Like the Professionals

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