spnKiX Electric Motorized Skates, Glide at 8MPH


spnKiX Electric Motorized SkatesIf you’re feeling a bit on the lazy side, you might want to try these nifty electric powered skates. You simply step into them, buckle-up and go, they look quite similar to snowboard bindings.

These skate boots each have an 80-watt electric motor on-board, this motor powers the 6-inch diameter rubber tires. They come with a hand held wireless controller; for power and breaking.

There are two methods of stopping, first is the throttle; when gently pulled back, the skates will gently slow down. The second manual option is to drag the heel stopper. They also include a removable training wheel.

I guess these could come in handy if you are really tried, but still need to walk the dog. They will provide around 40 minutes of constant power, this equates to around five to six miles, on a charge.

The lithium-ion batteries take around five hours to charge with the included AC adapter. The maximum recommended weight limit is 180lbs, which rules me out. They do fit most shoes sizes, men 6-14, women 5-13. They are priced at $699. You can find them for sale on spnKix and Hammacher.

Check out the video, showing the spnKiX in action:spnKiX Electric Motorized Skates

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