Fresh Pizza in 3 Minutes, from a Vending machine


We have looked at some interesting vending machines in the past; the one that immediately springs to mind is the fresh baguette vending machine by French baker Jean-Louis Hecht. That wonderful machine enabled people to buy fresh baguettes whenever they wanted.

Now we have a machine named Let’s Pizza, and it’s capable of making a pizza from scratch, using fresh ingredients, in just under three minutes, now that sounds amazing. The  machines use a special infrared oven which quickly heats up to 380C, and cooks the pizza super-fast.

The machine offers a 10.5-inch pizza, made with fresh flour and water. You can choose between ham and bacon, peperoni, plain, or without tomato. All the ingredients are put together automatically when you order.

The machines can hold the ingredients for around two hundred pizzas. They are pretty calorific, as are most pizzas, coming in at 700 calories.

Let' Pizza MachineThe machine has a window, allowing you to watch as the magic box makes a pizza in seconds, I guess that will make the three minutes feel even shorter.

The inventor is an Italian named Claudio Torghel, he first produced these machines around three years ago in Europe. They are now winging their way over to the USA. The price per pizza will be around $5.95.

The Let’s Pizza vending machines are connected to the internet; this enables managers to keep an eye on inventory levels. Here we have a video showing the pizza machine in action:

Let's Pizza Vending machine

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