Klymit Ulaar Jacket Features Gas Insulation


Klymit Ulaar Jacket, with Argon Gas InsulationIf you’re the outdoorsy type, and like nothing more than a good mountain hike; you may want to take a look at this innovative jacket. It’s a shell which can be pumped up and let down easily using Argon gas cartridges.

The guys at Klymit are using Argon gas as an insulator, all the noble gases have low thermal conductivity, which makes this an ingenious insulation solution.

There are several advantages of using gas over conventional materials, one being thickness; 4.5mm of Argon insulation is comparable with 14mm of solid insulation, making these new jackets lighter and thinner.

The Klymit Ulaar inflates and deflates using a pump and an Argon cartridge. On a cold winters day hike, you would fill the jacket with the required amount of argon, and if during the day the sun should start blazing, you could simply release some of the gas and find a comfortable level.

This technology was first used by Klymit in their vests, back in 2009. This new jacket will provide protection from wind and rain and can be inflated anywhere to provide insulation.

Klymit are looking to launch the Ulaar jacket this autumn in the USA. The jacket will also be shown at the OutDoor show, held in Germany, from 12-15 July, 2012.

Below we have a video demonstration of the Klymit Kinetic Vest:

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