Self-Adjustable Glasses, Eyejusters


Self-Adjustable Glasses EyejustersA British Company named Eyejusters has developed easily adjustable glasses, they can potentially help millions of people.

Eyejusters have been produced with the developing countries in mind; the people in sub-Saharan Africa currently have roughly one optometrist per one million people. In Europe and the USA this figure is around one in ten thousand.

People can easily adjust these glasses themselves, which means they don’t need to visit an optometrist. The Eyejusters are made up of two adjustable lenses, the technology is named SlideLens. The glasses have a dial on the side of the frame, when turned, one of the lenses slides over the other, from left to right, enabling the user to find the right strength.

There are two types of glasses available; positive power for people who are long-sighted and negative power for people who are short-sighted. The positive range is from +4.5 to 0 diopters and the negative range is from 0 to -5.0 diopters. These ranges cover the most common cases.

The main aim of the company is to get these glasses distributed in developing countries. No professionals are needed in the process, just a little training for the reading test; as shown in the video below. They are also available to purchase for $39.

The process starts by ascertaining which kind of glasses the patient needs using a reading test, then the patient can choose the colour they want and adjust the lenses; this is then followed by another reading test to ensure their eyesight has improved.

These are not the first self-adjusting glasses ever to come to fruition; Professor Joshua Silver developed ‘Adaptive Eyecare’ glasses however they are slightly cumbersome compared with Eyejusters.

Eyejusters are working with peace corps volunteers in Morocco, they have been working in ten areas and have helped many young adults get the glasses they need.Self-Adjustable Glasses Eyejusters

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