Space Saving Garden, Green Wheel Concept


Green Wheel Concept, Space Saving GardenThe idea behind the green wheel was originally thought up by NASA, as an economical way of providing fresh herbs and salad aboard their spacecraft. The idea was never put into production.

An Italian design firm named DesignLibero has decided to take another stab at the concept, and it does look quite interesting. The idea consists of a circular bed of plants, slowly rotating at around one revolution per hour.

The base of the grower would house a water reservoir with a pump, which would push the water up into the bottom of the rotating inner circle and water each plant as they passed through.

The base would also house the main electric motor for the plant rotation system. There would be a LED light source suspended in the centre of the planted circle. This would ensure all plants gained equal share of light.

The Green Wheel would be controlled using an app on a smartphone; you would be able to control the lighting and be alerted when the water levels are running low.

This idea could prove to be useful, especially in small apartments as it would take up less space compared with traditional growing in pots.

DesignLibero are ready to make a prototype, they are looking for backers and a distribution network.Green Wheel Concept, Space Saving Garden

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