Convenient Health Tracking, Fitbit Aria WiFi Smart Scales


Fitbit Aria WiFi Smart ScalesA while back we looked at the Fitbit Wireless Activity Tracker; it’s a handy little gadget that logs a whole host of data while you work or play. For example how far you’ve walked / run, calories burned and stairs climbed. The great thing about the Fitbit Tracker is the ability to upload your data and get a better idea of how healthy you are overall.

Fitbit’s newest gadget in their health conscious arsenal comes in the form of smart scales. These scales can accurately check your weight and also measure your body fat ratio; by sending a harmless electrical pulse through your body.

This data is automatically uploaded to a private area on the Fitbit web site; you can log-in to this area and view beautifully presented charts and graphs on your health status.

These scales play nicely with the Fitbit Activity Tracker; together they provide a very detailed analysis, this is a excellent form of encouragement, which can help you exercise properly and stay healthy.

These Fitbit Aria Scales come in either black or white; they feature a floating glass top and look pretty sleek.

I would recommend these scales for everyone, they are a great way to make otherwise boring data; interesting, and to help you get motivated, whether you are in training for sports, or just want to get off the couch and be that little bit healthier.

The Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Scales are available for pre-order over at Firebox; they are priced at £99.99 ($156). Fitbit Aria WiFi Smart Scales

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