Water Fight Weaponry – The Aqua Force Blaster


Aqua Force BlasterWith summer just around the corner and fabulous warm weather, what better way to celebrate than a bit of watery action? There’s nothing quite like completely soaking a friend or for even more fun; a stranger.

The Aqua Force Blaster should defiantly be on your list if you’re into water war, this gun comes with a tough ‘pull-and-release’ action, which will send your water bombs up to 50 feet. Now that has to classed as a WMS (weapon of mass saturation).

This blaster comes with a vinyl target and fifty balloons, which should be sufficient to hone your skills and soak the enemy every time. I can see these blasters being used in numerous ride-by wettings.

If you’re interested in water devastation; head over to Firebox, they are priced at £14.99 and are available for pre-order. Depending on the type of conflict; Aqua Force also offers a range of more up-close and personal water and soft ball weaponry, happy days.

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