UniKey – Turn Your Smartphone into a Virtual Key


UniKeyThe key of the future is here, the UniKey is a smart door lock, which works with in conjunction with the UniKey app on your smartphone. The virtual key works by transmitting a Bluetooth signal from your phone, it works with all the big boys; including iPhones, Android and BlackBerry smartphones.

The Bluetooth signal lets the lock know you are in the vicinity, when you touch the lock it will automatically open. The same method applies when you’re leaving the house or office; just touch and the door will lock.

This is pretty cool stuff, but it gets even better; the best part is the ability to send virtual keys to whomever you wish, well, as long as they possess a smartphone. You can actually send them a key in form of a text message.

These virtual key copies can be in the form of a one time access, extended or a permanent key, you can choose to revoke these keys at any time with a message. This feature could come in very handy if you need to grant access to friends or relatives when you’re not in town. I can imagine this would be an excellent solution for offices where many people need access.

There is a normal physical backup key, just in case your smartphone runs out of juice. If you’re not into smartphones, there is also a Bluetooth enabled physical key available.

The company behind the UniKey is currently looking to sell their technologies to a larger corporation.

If you want to get your hands on a UniKey; head over to their site; they will let you know when the first batch are ready. There is no final word on pricing; they have suggested it will be between $149 and $199.

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