Sony NEX-F3 Camera – DSLR Sized Sensor


Sony NEX-F3, 18-55mm LensSony have announced their new NEX-F3 camera, it’s the successor to their popular NEX-C3 model. This brand new offering from Sony is a mirrorless camera, which means the sensor is directly behind the lens.

The NEX-F3 sensor is similar to the other cameras in the NEX line; its APS-C sized which is the same size used in many digital single-lens reflex cameras including the Nikon D70. It’s also used in some DSLR cameras such as the Canon EOS 1100D and the Sony Alpha range.

The resolution is the same as its predecessor; at 16.1MP, however the NEX-F3 combines this sensor with the latest Bionz image processor which is taken from the Sony SLT-A77 camera. This means you can now shoot in very low light conditions, the max ISO is now 16000; a big improvement on the NEX-C3, which went up to 12800.

This new processor allows for some amazing video, you can shoot in full HD 1800/60i and also 24p; which means broadcast quality footage. Perfect if you fancy making your own cinema quality movie.

Sony have introduced a feature named Auto Portrait Framing; first seen on the SLT-A57. This feature is really interesting for portrait shots; when you take a picture of someone, the software will automatically compose and crop the image. This will hopefully make the photo look more professional and attractive. The Auto Portrait Framing software can help you along the road to better portraits.

The screen on the NEX-F3 flips up and allows you to take self-portraits; there is also a three second timer; if you need time to compose yourself. You can also shoot video in this way; great for video bloggers. The NEX-F3 comes with a pop-up, built-in flash; this was previously only available on the NEX-7.

Another new feature is named Clear Image Zoom, this is similar to digital zoom; it’s like an enhanced version. There is a large database of patterns and scenes stored in the camera, the F3 can match the patterns in your photos and fill-in any missing pixels. This means when using 2X magnification the image will still remain at a full 16.1MP. Sony NEX-F3, Without Lens

The battery has been changed; you can now shoot 470 photos between charges; that’s up 70 photos compared with the NEX-F3’s predecessor. My personal favourite new feature is USB charging; as I’m a nightmare for forgetting all the leads we need to carry around these days.

The screen is the same 3-inch 921k-dot LCD found on the NEX-C3. This camera is compatible with an electronic viewfinder FDA-EV1S (sold separately), it connects via the Smart Terminal located on the top of the camera.

The Sony NEX-F3 will be available in June 2012 and comes in white, black or silver. The standard kit includes a 18-55mm lens and will cost $600 (around £500). There is also a new 18-200mm telezoom lens named SEL18200LE coming July 2012, priced at $850 (around £600).

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