Remee – Lucid Dream Enhancing Mask


Lucid dreaming was originally coined by the Dutch psychiatrist and writer Frederik (Willem) van Eeden. A lucid dream is any dream where you actually know you are dreaming. When in this situation of awareness, you will sometimes have the opportunity to make changes and decide to some extent what happens in these dreams.

Personally I have a reoccurring flying dream, which always starts the same way. This beginning is a trigger; I know I’m dreaming. The Remee Mask is a visual aid which helps to confirm you are in a dream.

Duncan Frazier and Steve McGuigan are the two friends behind this invention; they have started a company named Bitbanger Labs.

The Remee mask has a series of six LEDs which can be programed to produce a sequence of your choice. The idea is simple; lets imagine you are in a dream, riding a horse, when you see a faint pattern of red lights flashing in the distance. Because the pattern is in a particular sequence, you should hopefully realise you’re in a dream.

Once you realise your dreaming, you can then decide what happens next, whether it be a spot of teleportation or maybe a hop around the universe.

If all this dreamland talk sounds interesting; take a look at their project on Kickstarter, the Remee has been successfully funded, with an astonishing 6,557 backers who have pledged an amazing $572,891. What a great start, their original backing target was $35,000.

You can now pre-order one of these masks from the Remee site; they are available in five colour options at the moment and are priced at $95.

Take a look at their Kickstarter video: 

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