Eco-Friendly Bluetooth Keyboard, the iZen Bamboo


iZen Bamboo KeyboardiZen is an eco-friendly company producing tech items made mainly from bamboo. Back in April they managed to find enough backers on Kickstarter to fund the iZen Bamboo Keyboard.

The iZen bamboo keyboard is the first eco-friendly keyboard to hit the market; it’s actually 92% bamboo which is a lot better for the environment as it’s recyclable. Bamboo grows astonishingly fast; up to 2-inches per hour.

I really like the look of these bamboo keyboards; it would make a nice change from my chunky black and grey plastic keyboard. The iZen works with a whole host of devices including iPads & iPhones, Android tablets, Macs, PC’s and any other Bluetooth gadget you may have laying around.

The iZen bamboo keyboard is powered by a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery, which charges with the same USB cable used by the Apple iPhone / iPad; and is included with the keyboard.

It would certainly look great in my office; I just need a bamboo display and mouse to complete the eco-style. iZen do actually offer a full desktop keyboard and mouse set, you can find all there eco-accessories on their site.

The iZen bamboo keyboard is priced at $99 and is available here.iZen Bamboo Keyboard with iPad Stand

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