Build Your Own Nixie Tube Desk Clock with this DIY Kit


Nixie Tube Desk ClockIf you’re into retro clocks and electronics, this DIY kit should be right up your street. This microprocessor controlled kit is a geeky dream; the time is displayed using the LED’s of the past, known as Nixie tubes.

These tubes are made of glass and contain a gas, usually neon. Inside each tube is a wire mesh anode and ten cathodes, each cathode is a number and they are stacked in a line, when a number glows you will see the faint outline of the numbers in front of it.

The kit comes with all the necessary parts to build the desktop timepiece, you will need to be able to follow a schematic and possess a soldering iron.

This DIY Nixie kit is available over at ThinkGeek and costs $149.99. It’s just a shame there’s no alarm clock function.

If you like this retro styling but don’t fancy getting your fingers dirty, you should take a look at the Ramos Alarm Clock, which uses Nixie tubes and looks a bit more modern, with the added benefit of an alarm. We took a look at the Ramos project a while back; they were successfully funded on Kickstarter.
Nixie Tube Desk Clock

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