Air & Water Rocket Launcher, the Aquapod


Aquapod Air & Water Rocket LauncherAre you interested in rockets? I remember launching a few different types of rockets including a DIY air and water powered rocket, only problem was we didn’t really think about safety and just went for the most pressure possible before the bottle explodes. Looking back we should have made sure it was secured to the ground.

The Aquapod Rocket Launcher is certainly powerful, and they have also thought about safety. All you need is an empty two litre soda bottle and you’re away. The Aquapod comes with a U peg which fastens the launcher base to the ground. Once you have the base secure; you half fill the bottle and plug it into the base.

You then flip a leaver which will secure the bottle in place until launch time; this leaver has the 15 foot launch string attached. You can then use a standard bike pump to inject the air, using a pump with a gauge is a good idea. The limit for this rocket launcher is 60psi, however it’s no problem if you don’t have a gauge as there is an emergency release valve.

Once you have the pressure up to 60psi, it’s time to retreat to a safe distance, well, 15 feet away, and tug. The rocket will shoot toward the heavens at a blistering pace. The two litre bottle will reach heights of up to 100 feet, before dropping back down on some unsuspecting picnic enthusiast.

I’m wondering what happens if you use a three litre bottle, I imagine you can obtain some more height as you have more air in there. The Aquapod is designed for ages 14 an up. If you fancy getting one of these, make sure you have a bike pump, a bottle, water and lots of air.

I can envisage a night-time launch would be cool; if you had some luminous dye to mix in with the water, it would be like a unusually quiet and messy firework show. The price is $24.99 at ThinkGeek.

Take a look at an Auqapod Rocket Launch in action, in this test video from the guys at ThinkGeek:Aquapod Air & Water Rocket Launcher

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