Athos Quad Cycle, Four Wheel Fun from Contes Engineering


Athos Quad CycleTwo brothers started Contes Engineering in 2011, previously they worked in automotive testing and BMX racing. They have taken their long-term dream of integrating BMX, Freestyle, Downhill and Motocross.

The Athos was first introduced at the Interbike Show in 2011, the finished product will be available late 2012, keep an eye on the Contes Engineering site for updates.

The Athos has been through many tests, it looks awesome on tracks and trails, utilising over eight inches of suspension travel. It features four wheel independent suspension. Two of the three models will feature air suspension.

The new style quad-bike will also have disc brakes, front and rear and traction enhancing differential. The Athos also uses standard cycling hardware for easy customisations.

There will be three models available initially; these include the BMX / Freestyle, the Downhill Mountain / Trail, and the Cross Country. The latter two models options will include LED lighting packages, hydraulic breaks, fenders, and a rear deck, ready for panniers.

The BMX model will use standard BMX 20-inch wheels, while the other two offerings will use 26-inch mountain bike wheels.

There is no pricing information available, I for one would love to have a blast round a track on one of these; take a look at this video:Athos Quad Cycle

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