Underwater Hotel, Dubai Water Discus Hotel


Discus Underwater Hotel DubaiThere are some amazing and record breaking buildings in Dubai, it seems this development boom is still going strong. They currently hold the record for the world’s tallest building; though this will soon be upstaged. Dubai is also home to the world’s largest shopping mall and man-made islands.

They are now planning to construct the world’s largest underwater luxury hotel. DOT (Deep Ocean Technology) are using a local shipyard named Drydocks World, with help from the Swiss company BIG InvestConsult AG.

The design will consist of a series of detachable disc shaped pods above the water, there will be a large central shaft connecting the surface discs to the underwater section which will rest just above the ocean floor.

The planed depth of the underwater section is around 33 feet (10m), they will house twenty one two-guest bedrooms with the available space, this will be around 11,000 feet (1,000 square meters).

Other planed amenities include a helipad on one of the smaller surface discs, a dive centre which will be set underwater and feature a decompression chamber. There will also be the usual features of a luxury hotel including a spa and fitness room.

The whole structure is said to be moveable in the event of environmental changes. The central shaft running between the surface and underwater section will house an elevator and stairs. There will be three adjustable columns connecting the upper and lower sections; these will provide stability for the hotel. In the event of an emergency, the whole of the underwater disc can be raised up out of the water.

Here we have a video from DOT with a few more images and a demo of the evacuation procedure:Discus Underwater Hotel Dubai

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