zecOO Electric Motorcycle, Radical Design, Six Hour Charge


zecOO Electric MotorcycleYou may remember we covered the Agility Saietta electric motorbike a while back; it was a fast and radical looking machine from the UK. Now it looks like Japan are entering this scene with the zecOO by znug design; an equally awesome looking specimen.

These interesting and futuristic new motorcycle designs are made possible due to the advancements in all-electric drive trains. You can expect to see many more outrageous design styles over the next few years.

The zecOO was unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show in March 2012; where it was announced a small scale production run would start shortly.

This motorcycle looks like it comes straight from the set of Iron Man 3; with its low-rider style and large metal dials. The performance is not exactly in the superbike realm, the top speed is a mere 75mph (120 km/h).

The good news is a fairly fast charge time; six hours for a full tank, with a range between 55 and 85 miles (88 – 136km).

The price seems a little on the steep side, it costs an astonishing 6 million Yen, that’s $70,000.

Check out the video below, taken at the Tokyo Motor Show:
zecOO Electric MotorcyclezecOO Electric Motorcycle

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