Tranquil Turtle, Projecting Sleeping Aid for Children


Tranquil TurtleThe guys over at cloud B are dedicated to helping children of all ages sleep better, their philosophy is ‘every child deserves a good night’s sleep for healthy development’.

They have quite a range of animal themed sleeping aids on the market, including the Twilight LadyBug, Sleep Sheep, Dozy Dolphin, and the Mimicking Monkey, to name just a few.

Their latest addition to the sleepy range is the Tranquil Turtle. This slumbering turtle combines both sight and sound to send children off to dreamland.

The shell projects a magical underwater lighting affect, which moves gently like the waves in the ocean. The Tranquil Turtle also plays soothing sounds; oceans waves and a tranquil melody.

The turtles shell also glows in a relaxing aquamarine color. You can easily adjust the brightness of the wall and ceiling projections using the slide control.

This little fella automatically shuts down after 23 minutes. Power comes from three AA batteries. The price is $51.95 and you can purchase them from amazon and direct from Cloud B.Tranquil Turtle

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