Sony’s First Ultrabook Announced, VAIO T13


VAIO T13, Sony’s First UltrabookSony has produced some wonderful notebooks over the years; I have always admired the build quality and screens on the VAIO series. Sony has now decided its times to enter the Ultrabook scene with the VAIO T13.

We do not have any details on price as yet; we do know you Sony are planning to have them on the shelves in early June 2012.

The chassis will be formed with aluminium and magnesium, which will make it super light; the T13 will also be pretty thin at just 17.8mm. It’s a take anywhere notebook, just like the other Ultrabook offerings.

The T13 Ultrabook will have some great energy efficient modes and a rapid wake system, so it’s going to start up really fast and when you close the lid it will enter a sleep with negligible power consumption. Sony state the sleep will last for up to 90 days on a full tank.

Some models come with an SSD drive acting as the internal storage; these will have up to 9 hours of battery life, which should be enough to keep it going, even on a long plane journey.

The Sony VAIO T13’s will feature the latest Intel Core ultra-low voltage processors, if you go for one of the models with the SSD drives installed, you’ll feel the benefit with file access up to ten times faster than standard hard drives.

There will also be the option of Hibrid drives, these offer the best features of both standard drives and SSD’s; you will benefit from the super-fast access of the SSD’s and also have the large storage capacity of standard hard drives.

The screen will be a 13.3” LED and there will be a vast array of input / output interfaces, including my favourite; the HDMI output. Some other notables include VGA, RJ45 and SD/MMC media slots.

I’m particularly looking forward to having a play on this one and comparing it to the others in the Ultrabook class. It will also be interesting to see how they price this series.Keyboard, VAIO T13, Sony’s First Ultrabook

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