Cycle While you Work with the WeBike


WeBikeI make sure I visit the gym at least three times a week as most of the time I’m sitting at my desk writing about gadgets. Recent studies into workplace inactivity highlight many health issues related to lack of exercise.

The Belgian company We-Watt has come up with a solution in the form of the Webike riding table. It has three seats arranged around the circular table and each seat has a set of cycle pedals.

The idea is you can gently peddle while you work, the energy harvested from this pedalling can be used to power your gadgets. There is LED display mounted on the table which provides a visual guide as to how much power you’re generating.

I would like to see a version where everyone at the table can see each other’s output, you could then have a little race at lunch time for a bit of fun.

Another good feature would be a battery where all that peddling energy gets stored for later use; handy if you’re feeling a bit tired after all that cycling.

The riding desk can generate around 230Vac/30Watts of output form each rider. We-Watt can also supply individual tables which can be arranged in many configurations.

The Webike has been installed in the ECKi restaurant and the Cameleon Shopping Mall in Brussels. We-Watt also have plans to install the units in Brussels Airport in the coming months.

The current Webike pods can are made to order and have a two to five month delivery time. The price is €9,950 ($13,063), they also offer rental options.WeBike

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