Soundwagon Mini Vinyl Record Player


Soundwagon on the VinylThis little VW camper is not just a miniature of the classic surfers van; it’s a mini vinyl player. This has to be the first player I’ve come across which you can fit in your pocket. This camper is officially licenced by Volkswagen.

This astounding little gadget will work with any 33 1/3 rpm vinyl record you might have laying around; I personally have quite a collection, from Michel Jackson to the Bee Gees. This is a great way to sift through my old music collection with ease; I can imagine this is the perfect gift for old-school DJ’s.

All you need in the way of power is a 9V battery; stick it in the trunk and you’re ready to roll. To get it going, you just pull up the aerial on the side and place it on the vinyl. The tunes will then start pumping as the camper endlessly corners round the record; via the VW’s built-in speaker.

This little music player has been traveling all over; it featured in the 2001 movie Scratch and has also appeared on various music channels and shows around the world.

The Soundwagon is certainly the most convenient player we have seen; they are available in two colors at the moment; Magenta and Robo Grey. You can buy them direct from the manufacture Stokyo, it’s going to set you back $99.99.

Check out this video of the Soundwagon doing its thing:Soundwagons

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