Postcarden makes an Interesting Holiday Gift


PostcardenIf you’re stuck for inspiration when shopping for holiday postcards and gifts, you should take a closer look at these rather wonderful postcard gardens. There are two choices; you can go for the befitting botanical garden or the city scene, the latter one looks easier to harvest when its salad time.

I say harvest because the crop is actually ‘Lepidium sativum’, that’s watercress if you’re not so hot on your floral Latin. These cards are very simple to get going; all you need to do is pop open the 3D card, water the base and then sprinkle the seeds.

Within two to three days you will get some watercress sprouting up, the crop will last for around two weeks.

This would be a cool mini gift for office workers; it’s always nice to have a bit of greenery around, I have a rather lovely orchid on my desk; just waiting for it to flower, it seems to be taking forever.

If you would like to send one of these garden in a card, click over to UncommonGoods, they are on sale at $12.50. When you send one, postage should cost around $1.30.Postcarden

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