Keyboard for your Computer and Smartphone, The One


The One, Keyboard for iPhone and PC or MacThis has to be the most feature rich keyboards we’ve come across to date, and the first to include a smartphone holder. The best feature in my opinion is the switch which allows you to choose a device for your keyboard input at the touch of a button.

This means you can write an email on the PC or Mac, then press the button and switch over instantly to your second device; great if you do a lot of texting.  This second device can be an iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone, or any other Bluetooth enabled device you may have.

The keyboard comes with a five foot USB lead for connection to the PC or Mac; it also includes a two port USB 2.0 hub on-board; perfect for powering your second device.

This is a fabulous keyboard if you happen to be a mobile platform developer, working on the IOS, Android or similar. It will be a great help; switching to test at device level will be a breeze.

A space was created for the smartphone to rest on the keyboard, this means a few of the keys did need to move to new homes, including the Delete and Home keys, they are included as second functions on the arrow keys and number pad.

You can pick up one of these beauties at ThinkGeek, there are two versions available; PC and Mac, sadly the PC version is sold out at the moment, it looks like they’ll have them back in stock in a few days’ time. The cost of ‘The One’ keyboard is $99.99, personally I think you get a lot of board for your Benjamin.The One, Keyboard for iPhone and PC or Mac

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