8-Bit Super Mushroom PC Case


PC case, 8-Bit Super Mario MushroomIf you’re a fan of Super Mario Bros. you will love this arty PC case, it’s in the shape of a giant mushroom form the game. I remember all those mushrooms and the bonuses that came with them, such as shrinking and being enlarged and of course the 1-up fungus.

This cool looking PC case is pretty big; it’s listed for sale on Etsy by Richard Clinton. He says the case looks great on your desk and also parked on the floor.

If you’re thinking of going retro with this 8-bit PC case, you’ll need to shell out $1,600 just for the box alone. Richard has said he can order components to meet your specific PC requirements. Filling it with some awesome components will also cost a pretty penny and he estimates shipping will be up to $200.

It’s defiantly a fun looking box; especially cool if you’re into gaming. Let us know what you think of this case in the comments section below.PC case, 8-Bit Super Mario MushroomPC case, 8-Bit Super Mario Mushroom

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