Vacuum Brewer for the Perfect Coffee


Vacuum Brewer for the Perfect CoffeeI for one love a fresh cup of coffee in the morning, it seems vital to get my brain into gear and to start the cogs slowly rolling. This coffee brewer from Bodum looks to be an effective and clean way to procure that caffeine injection.

This method has been around for a long while, but I have never tried this way myself, I must admit it looks like a science project when in action. Firstly you heat some water in the carafe by popping it on the stove, once boiling; you insert the steam of the second container into the carafe. This second vessel should be prepared with some of your favourite ground coffee.

The pressure builds in the bottom carafe, causing the hot water to rise up through the steam into the top container, where it will infuse with coffee granules. When the coffee is brewed to your liking; remove from the heat and gravity will send it back down into the bottom carafe, leaving the granules in the top container. The fresh coffee is now ready to serve.

The Vacuum Brewer will provide up to eight cups of coffee, and it doesn’t allow any of the aroma to escape; instead it will infuse with the brew and provides some extra depth. It costs $89.99 and is available over at ThinkGeek.

Check out this video to see the Vacuum Brewer in action:Vacuum Brewer for the Perfect Coffee

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