RJ-45 Ethernet Keychain, Plug-in your Keys


RJ-45 Ethernet Keychain, Plug-in your KeysAre you a bit of a techy who likes to keep things in order, all neat and tidy? If so, this beautifully simple RJ-45 keychain and wall socket will be right up your street. I simply love this type of project; it’s cheap to make and pretty easy to do.

All you need is some old Ethernet sockets and cables; stuff you can find in abundance if you happen to live in a geeky lair similar to mine. I’m always on the hunt for my car keys; plugging them into the wall would probably save me a fair few minutes per week.

If you fancy a go at this DIY key tidy project; head over to the Instructables site where you will find full instructions. If you do put these on your keychain, be ready for the rubbish jokes i.e. I thought you were well connected etc..

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