3D Printer Under $500, Solidoodle 2


Solidoodle 2Some time ago we had a look at the Makerbot 3D printer; it looked great and churned out some cool little objects. One thing I noted was the hefty price tag, which was around $1,300.

Now we have a shiny new offering called the Solidoodle 2, it was created by former aerospace engineer Sam Cervantes, who also worked at Makerbot as their chief of operations.

The Solidoodle 2 is similar to the current 3D printer offerings; it will print 3D object using molten plastic. You can design and print 3D objects using Windows, Apple OS or Linux.

This is the second model Sam has produced, the main advancement is the size increase, the Solidoodle 2 allows object to be up to 15.24cm, where the original model was only capable of 10cm.

The basic version comes fully assembled and costs $499. You can also go for one of the two deluxe versions. The Pro model will set you back $549 and comes with interior lighting (nice to see what your printing), and a heated base to help stop the bottom of the objects from warping. The top model is the Expert; this comes with the pro features plus an outer cover and a acrylic door for the front.

Here we have a video of Sam talking about the Solidoodle 2:

Solidoodle 2

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