Sleek LCD Weather Station with 4 Color Display


Weather StationIn recent years the weather seems to be acting a bit on the strange side, the seasons are a slightly blurred. Once upon a time we used to have easily definable summers and winters. Where I live we used to get snow dumps regularly throughout the winter, now we are lucky to get a single dusting.

Obviously there are many types of cycles our world goes through, and weather patterns change all the time. If you’re interested in the weather, you might want to take a look at this handy weather station. I’m used to the boring little boxes with the green background and dull numbers.

This one looks much better, I’d be happy to have it sitting on my desk; the display looks great with a black background and the data shown off in four colors.

This sleek looking weather station comes with a remote sensor unit with a 100ft range, you can place the sensor outside and receive the data wirelessly.

The main features include indoor and outdoor temperature (in F or C) and humidity. The station also picks up on and displays current weather conditions, plus the heat index and dew point.

There is also a handy alarm clock function for people who want the weather right there, when they wake up. It provides the time, date and even the moon phases. If you find getting out of bed hard, you can hit the snooze button.

The sensor runs off 2 AAA batteries and the weather station uses mains power. You can pick these up for $79.99 at ThinkGeek.Weather Station

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