Music Monsters, Fun Portable Speakers


Music MonstersIf your into portable speakers for music or a spot of gaming on the go, then these little monsters could be right up your street.

They have been designed by graffiti artists Pariz One and Dolaso; I’ve never heard of them personally, but then again I’m not sure I could name any other graffiti artists.

There are currently four little monsters available including Hellboy, Black Ninja, Smiley Panda and Blue Monster, they all sound like cool guys. The speaker is located on the back of their heads and the micro USB input is on their posteriors.

Theses monsters can pump out your favourite tunes at 2.5 watts, they come with a rechargeable battery which will keep the sounds alive for around four hours. You also have the option of plugging them into your computer for listening and charging at the same time; sounds pretty good to me.

If your into cute with a monstrous edge kind of gadgets, and fancy  walking round with a smiley panda in your pocket, then go for it. They can be purchased for £19.99 at FireboxMusic Monsters

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