Keep Your Wine Safe with the Combination Bottle Lock


Combination Bottle LockThis fun little gadget could come in very handy if you’re sharing your apartment or house with some thirsty friends. My Baileys always feels just a tad lighter after it’s been in the fridge for a few days, maybe it’s just me, well, there is now an easy way to find out if there are in fact boozy fairy’s lurking in my fridge.

It comes in the form of a little bottle stopper which also acts as drink protection. Apparently it comes with a combination that is almost impossible to crack, unlike the glass of course.

This cool drink guard could also prove very useful if you have children in the house and you don’t want them helping themselves to some of Scotland’s finest.

Rationing also comes to my mind when thinking of certain family members and there fondness for a wee tipple. I suppose 007 would be a bit too obvious for the martini bottle.

The combination bottle lock can be found on Boys Stuff and comes in at £14.95 ($24).

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