Amoeba Dual Purpose Digital Microscope


Amoeba Dual Purpose Digital MicroscopeI find looking through a microscope lens is like checking out another world, things just look so complex and interesting when magnified. I remember back in my school days, I would always look forward to science and especially biology and chemistry where I could cut things up and examine under a scope; probably my fondest school memories, along with the awesome cakes at lunch time.

This dual purpose scope allows any budding scientist to easily view a whole host of interesting slides; it comes with eight prepared slides, so you can get straight into viewing, magnification starts at 10x and goes up to 200x. The scope is also detachable which is really useful for viewing and photographing larger objects.

The scope also comes with 4 blank slides, tweezers, a needle probe and an eyedropper. The cost is not quite microscopic; at $89.99, I think it’s worth that for a new dimension of fun, they are available at ThinkGeek.

I love the fact you can plug the microscope into your computer via USB and watch the live view on your screen. The built-in 1.3MP camera allows you to take snaps of interesting finds which you can then upload, share, or use in your science project.

As a child, I would have really enjoyed a digital microscope that I could hook up to the computer, sadly, back then the technology just wasn’t quite up to the job. Amoeba Dual Purpose Digital Microscope

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