Nintendo Controller Coffee Table

| April 26, 2012 |

The original Nintendo NES is certainly one of the most iconic consoles in history along with the likes of the Saga Mega Drive, they bought a new standard to gaming which certainly had me addicted, and personally I was on the side of the NES.

I loved those old school games like Donkey Kong and Super Mario Bros. I still have my NES and Super NES in the cupboard at the ready for a bit of retro gaming when the mood takes me.

If you had a NES, you will remember the little controller with the directional pad, the start / select and the A / B buttons.

Well now there is a way to bring a little nostalgia to the living room, in the form of this giant NES controller coffee table, what makes this gadget awesome is that it’s not just for show, you can actually game with this puppy.

The guys from The Boho Workbench have put this unique table together; it features a removable glass; if you ever want to actually use it as a normal coffee table.

This custom table is made to order and comes in at $3,500; the table is 42-inches in length by 18.25” width and 18” high.

Check out the video: