LEGO Darth Vader Table Lamp, Move to the Dark Side


LEGO Darth Vader Table LampIf you’re in need of some Lego power or a bit of the dark side, you might be interested in the Darth lamp; it stands at 7.5-inches and features 12 LEDs in the Lightsaber. We all know Darth Vader’s Lightsaber should be red, but white light is much better when trying to study or watch a Star Wars movie.

If you do want a little more authentic look, fear not, the Lightsaber is half red, which means you can turn it around when not in use, or if you want,  you could light up the wall behind him.

There are two options to power the evil Vader, three AAA’s batteries will do the trick, alternatively you can just plug him in to any USB power source, including your laptop. Vader also features movable arms and legs, so you can have him posing just the way you like.

The Vader Desk Lamp is available for pre-order at the moment and will be shipping in May 2012. You will need to shell out $49.99 for a slice of the dark side. Entertainment Earth is the place to order.

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