Jellyfish Tank for your Desktop


Desktop Jellyfish TankThere is one specific sea creature that has proven difficult to keep in a home aquarium; it’s the jellyfish, a fascinating wonder of our oceans.  Alex Andon has been working hard on solving this problem, initially experimenting in his cousin’s garage with regular home fish tanks.

The main problem with ordinary tanks is the filters; jellyfish get sucked into them and turned into puree. He managed to find a way to retrofit existing tanks to accommodate jellys and started selling them online at

He then went on to design and build a tank that is specifically for jellyfish, it includes a special filter system and remote controlled LED lighting. The seven gallon tanks will allow up to five jellyfish and are also suitable for fish and other invertebrates.

It would certainly be amazing to have a couple of jellyfish swimming around on my desk. There are a couple of foreseeable drawbacks; the average life expectancy is only around one year and a replacement will set you back around $50.

Alex took his project to Kickstarter where it proved very successful; he was looking for a total pledge of $3,000. By the end of the funding process he amassed 515 backers with a total pledge of $162,917, which is around 54 times his original goal.

You can place orders for the jellyfish tank and all the bits you will need, including the live jellyfish themselves on They have a few different packages on offer including Jelly Kit 1, this kit includes the tank, a small Moon Jellyfish and 3 months food supply and comes in at $382.

Take a look at the Kickstarter project video: Desktop Jellyfish TankDesktop Jellyfish TankDesktop Jellyfish TankDesktop Jellyfish Tank

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