Bailey The Mechanical Doggie Bank


Bailey The Mechanical Doggie BankMy dog is a loveable bitch, her only pitfall is the inability to grasp the concept of fetch; I throw the ball and she looks at me as if to say, yea, why on earth did you do that? I know most dogs love playing fetch for hours on end, Bailey is also a bit different in that department; he skipped fetch school and went straight to college where he studied economics and accounting.

He just loves money and counting; it’s his favourite hobby, however he does have a rather strange habit, namely money swallowing. Yes, you heard right, just place a coin in his doggie bowl and he will go straight for it. No need to worry though, your coin will be safely tucked away in the Bailey money box below, ready for that rainy day.

Bailey is a very patient pooch; he will sit quietly on your sideboard, just waiting for some cash. The only thing he requires in return is a little juice; in the form of a couple of AA batteries, this adorable puppy comes in at $19.99 and is available from ThinkGeek.Bailey The Mechanical Doggie Bank

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