Pixel Heart Heat Changing Mug


Pixel Heart Heat Changing MugEvery now and then we all look for that useful yet romantic gift that shows our significant other how much we love them. This superbly designed mug – and it is a mug, holding an impressive 12.8 ounces of tea or coffee, depending on your taste – is designed with a pixel heart shape on one side. It doesn’t look too good when you first see it because it comes in black.

But watch – there’s a surprise in store for your significant other when they fill it with a hot drink. The middle of the heart will gradually change into a blossoming red colour owing to the heat. And at a mere $11.99 what better or cheaper way could there be to remind your loved one how much you love them on a daily basis?

The Pixel Heart Mug works really well and the only caveat is that it cannot be placed in the microwave. So it wouldn’t be ideal for those loved ones (like my partner for example) who habitually leave their coffee untouched until it goes cold before requesting a reheat.

In this case it would also be a good indicator of how soon you should drink your beverage, since the heart goes back to black as soon as the heat disappears from the drink. In that case perhaps I should invest in one for my other half. It may just put a stop to those reheats after all, thanks to the rather handy indicator on the side.

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