Intel Solid State Drive (SSD) 330 Series Announced


Intel SSD 330Intel is the name you would probably associate most with microprocessors. But they are capable of making other things as well, such as flash memory – hence the SSD 330 Series. SSD stands for solid state drive of course, and if you want to choose one of a superb range of drives from just $89 upwards (yes that is $89, it’s not a misprint or mistype) you can now look to Intel to provide you with just that.

If you have a PC already and you’re not looking to buy another one, this could be the best way to upgrade it without spending too much money. You’ll get to choose from the 60GB, the 120GB and the 180GB models. The smaller one is of course available for the price indicated above, while the other two will sell for $149 and $234 respectively. Slightly pricier indeed, but you’re getting larger storage from a top quality name.

As most people who know a little about the computing world will no doubt be aware, solid state drives are preferable to your usual hard disk drives. They’re more up to date and don’t have moving parts like the hard disk drives do. The two bigger SSDs might seem to be expensive but when you consider the alternative – spending a lot more on a brand new computer – you can see how cost effective they can be.

Anyone in the mood for a new drive could do a lot worse than to consider one of these.

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