Hammock Sleeping Bag


Hammock Compatible Sleeping BagYou know, I think you’re either built for camping or you’re not. Hence the proliferation of ‘glamping’ that seems to be the 21st century version of the old fashioned way of doing things.

Most people hate camping because it means sleeping on the cold hard ground. But now the hammock compatible sleeping bag has arrived, so providing you have a hammock to string between two trees, you can use this to stay warm in.

Now I can see one major problem here as far as I am concerned. Not being the most agile or careful of people, I can foresee trouble in actually getting into the sleeping bag in the first place. I’ve never been able to climb into a regular hammock, let alone one with a sleeping bag fitted into it. But I would be willing to make an exception to try this particular sleeping bag for size.

When it becomes available it will be sold at around $179, but that doesn’t include a hammock, so you should allocate some funds for that too. The Thinsulate shell keeps you warm and keeps out the draughts, and you’ll find a pocket inside it as well to store a few bits and pieces up there with you. It’s not really designed for using in wet weather if you’re not protected from above though, so you should make sure you either use it in good weather or have some other kind of protection as well. I have a feeling once you’re in it you won’t want to get out.Hammock Compatible Sleeping BagHammock Compatible Sleeping BagHammock Compatible Sleeping Bag

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