1961 Yankee Stadium 1/8 Scale Model, Museum Quality


1961 Scale Yankee StadiumIf you’re a dedicated Yankee fan you’ll no doubt be interested in this stunning piece of work that replicates the Yankee Stadium as it was back in 1961. Created in 1/8th scale of the actual stadium, it has been lovingly and painstakingly put together by Steve Wolf. Steve is an artist who already has models in the LA Sports Museum among other places, and he has used 10,000 parts to create the finished model.

In case you are wondering, the model is available for sale to the public but you’ll need to be more than a dedicated Yankee fan to get it. You’ll also need to be in a job that pays you a hefty salary, because the price tag is an incredible $115,000 at Hammacher Yes, that’s an authentic six figure sum.

You’ll see no end of detail packed into the stadium, including six light banks and hundreds of LED bulbs to create the proper effect when they’re switched on. The detail here is nothing short of impressive – you could spend ages just staring at the stadium and seeing something new each time you look at it. Of course for the ticket price you would expect to get something superb and Steve has poured hours upon hours of research into this, as well as the hours spent creating it – try three thousand in all.

From the official time, to the seating and everything else besides, this is a true marvel – and a rather expensive one too.1961 Scale Yankee Stadium1961 Scale Yankee Stadium1961 Scale Yankee Stadium1961 Scale Yankee Stadium

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