SleekSpeak Bluetooth Speaker for Bikes


SleekSpeak, Wireless Speaker for Your BikeWhile I am not among them, it would seem there are lots of cyclists who love listening to music while they are out and about. But since it is illegal – not to mention very dangerous – to slot in those earbuds and listen to music while cycling, companies have been looking to invent some alternatives. The idea is to give the cyclist the best of both worlds and that is the intention with this SleekSpeak speaker.

It has a rubbery exterior and looks to stand up to drizzly weather but it’s not really good for heavy rain. This neat little speaker uses Bluetooth, so you just have to load your music onto your phone, and off you go. The suggested retail price for this gadget is around $100 so it isn’t too pricey for those who cannot leave their music behind once they get in the saddle. Apparently it is also available in a range of colours, so you are bound to find something that is perfect for your particular bike.

It also seems easy to remove which is a good thing, since I’m not sure I’d like to leave it attached to the bike when I lock it up to head into a shop. It’s good to know the device seems to have a charge that lasts around twelve hours too. I can’t imagine many people wanting to cycle anywhere for longer than that, so it seems to be a good unit if you want music and to cycle at the same time.

The SleekSpeak is currently listed as a project on Kickstarter, they are looking to raise $75,000 to get the Speaker project rolling. If you are interested in making a pledge, go for $69, this gets you a limited edition SleekSpeak with red rubber and lime green trim.

They have managed to rack up 157 backers at the moment, which tots up to around $12,500 and they still have 16 days to go.

SleekSpeak, Wireless Speaker for Your BikeSleekSpeak, Wireless Speaker for Your BikeSleekSpeak, Wireless Speaker for Your Bike

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