Panasonic Eluga Smartphone, Waterproof for Up to 30 Seconds


Panasonic ElugaSometimes you have to wonder whether a phone is actually a phone at all. The Panasonic Eluga looks like, well… it’s hard to find the words. This is an incredibly slim phone and if you are prone to throwing your phones in water this could be just the handset for you. It has been designed to remain fully waterproof in up to a metre of water for as much as half a minute. Why do I think this was designed for those people who habitually drop their phones down the loo?

Anyway the Panasonic Eluga is priced at £365 without a SIM and will no doubt be available with several deals as well. The thickness, in case you were wondering, is 7.8mm. I had to get a ruler out to check that – and it’s incredibly thin.

This is a handset that has been designed for the clumsy rather than for those who are expecting high end specs. There are some things to appreciate here, such as the Android platform, although it comes with Gingerbread rather than the latest Ice Cream Sandwich version. It may also suffer a little from have a 540×960 pixel screen – considerably less than many other phones.

There is also another version of this phone that is due to be out very soon according to the latest reports. This is the Eluga Power, and as the name suggests it will be more powerful than its younger brother. Perhaps we should wait for that.

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